I love the City of Holladay, and I am committed to its residents. As a Council member I will be open minded and listen to and carefully consider your ideas and concerns before making decisions. As a self-employed business woman, wife and mother; I will bring a fresh perspective to the table. I will represent your interests and dedicate my time to serving this great City.


I believe that we need active and responsible development that will increase our tax base, so we can avoid burdensome tax increases. We can offset costs by bringing in more business to pay for aging infrastructure and deferred maintenance. This means creative and responsible development at the old Cottonwood Mall site as well as other areas in the city without compromising the integrity of our community.

Public Safety

We need good access to our fire and police departments so they protect and serve our city as a whole. Currently, the fire and police stations are located on the other side of the City. We can reduce response times and better patrol the south end of our city by adding more officers and looking at costs associated with a new fire station. Because we continually compete with surrounding cities for the best officers and firefighters, we need to look at ways to adequately compensate those that protect our City, so they continue to want to work in the City that we call home.

Roads and Transportation

In the South end of our city, particularly our district, we have very little access to public transit. Better access to public transportation would reduce traffic congestion and help to alleviate the air quality problem our valley is faced with.

Work is currently being done to expand Wasatch Blvd. I want to use my influence on the council to make sure that this expansion does not adversely affect the residents of Holladay.

Finally, many of our roads need repair. I am going to use my influence to find ways to repair roads and ease congestion to and from our city without raising taxes.

Parks, Open Space, Trails

I believe that we should not only have a City to live in, but also to play and recreate in. Anytime there is development in our community, I will advocate for preserving open space. I want to make sure that we continue to maintain our trails and parks to have a good work/life balance. For example, I applaud the City for developing and finishing Knudsen Park in our district.


One of the biggest concerns for the City of Holladay is keeping our taxes low; at the same time, making sure the things we enjoy don’t go into disrepair. I am an advocate for not raising taxes, so I am going to work diligently to get the funds we need from various other resources – such as the County and State.

Air Quality

I am an ardent advocate for cleaner air in our City. We can find ways to lessen this problem by increasing public transportation, reviewing idle free parking, planting more trees, expanding bike and trail access, and by doing our best as individuals to limit our automobile trips per day. I want to work with the State and County to find a shared consensus on air quality, so we can improve it throughout the State.